The Book With No Name | BOOK REVIEW

The Book With No Name is a fantasy/mystery/thriller novel written by an author who don’t want to be named. The story started five years ago when a mass killing took place at Santa Mondega. A mysterious hooded man came inside Tapioca Bar and ordered a bourbon. People at the bar have no idea who he was, however, a legend has already been circulating around about a man who drinks bourbon, turns to someone crazy and kills everyone in sight. Everyone waited for him to drink the bourbon to confirm if the story holds truth. Unfortunately, in front of them is the dreaded … BOURBON KID and the aftermath was really bloody.

I bought the book for two simple reasons: first, I like the cover and second, the title was very intriguing as well as the author who wasn’t named. I have never done my research before buying it. My impression was: ‘it could be like The Rule of Four where the story revolves in the investigation of a mysterious ancient book Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, a lot of ciphers and mysteries, etc’. Well, it wasn’t like that. This one is a mix of comedy, thriller, bloody, violent, supernatural, and diverse characters. BUT, surprisingly, I really enjoyed reading it.

Spoiler Alert!

After the gory mess that the Bourbon Kid has left at the Tapioca bar, life at Santa Mondega went back to its normal state for five years. When I say normal, there’s still violence, drunkards, fire shootings, dead. However, what went strange was the killing of five people: hideous, slit throat, eyes gone and certainly not made by bullets. They were pinning these deaths on Kid and they believe that he was indeed back in town. But for what reason??? The stolen Eye of the Moon. This stone has magical powers that could make its carrier immortal and, on the nearing eclipse at Santa Mondega, it has the ability to stop the moon from orbiting around the earth, leaving the place in total darkness. Well, just imagine the ring in LOTR being passed and stolen by numerous people. Once they took hold of it their lives will automatically be in danger.

Where does the Book With No Name fit in the story? It has the answer to everything. Here lays the PLOT TWIST.

I cannot say if it was overcrowded with people. Maybe, I see it as ‘many’ because not all of them were ordinary humans, the cast of characters was like a rainbow. There are two monks who dress like Jedis, ignorant about worldly stuff, who never curses and drink until they set foot at Santa Mondega. A lot of bounty hunters kill like John Wick, one who looks like Elvis Presley, and the other who looks like a wrestler. A woman who was in a coma for five years and became amnesiac after she survived a hundred bullets from Kid. Police detectives who believe in paranormal. There was also the presence of vampires or the undead, a fortune teller, and a lot more.

The story was fun, very entertaining, and light in a sense. As you read through it, there’s a mention of movies, tv shows, and actors that will make you say ‘Oh, I know them’. Yet as I have said, a lot of bloody scenes (though less detailed).

I rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.


  • “Half the top actors these days are picked for their looks, not their acting ability. That’s why most of them are all washed up by the time they’re thirt-five.”
  • “It is time we opened our minds and accepted that, just maybe, not all of the things we’ve been taught to believe are actually absolutely true.”

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