A New Arrival Under Great Skies | BOOK REVIEW

Galen Bray received an inheritance from his dead uncle. He left him a house, lots of gold, and a small business that he wanted Galen to continue. From the depressed Lands of the Princes, Galen took the opportunity to leave the miserable life he’s currently living for the good fortune that is waiting for him at Voulhire.

Voulhire is a prosperous and peaceful nation. History has been told that the divided land was unified and founded by King Idus. They have won wars and overcome enemies, however, the long period of silence will be disrupted. The people of Hillport were still haunted by the memories of Lord Meldorath. And the previously defeated Riva Rohavi insurgents are silently intensifying.

With the sudden turn of events, is the current leadership in Voulhire ready for a new era of combat? Will the peace Galen had just experienced will be short-lived?

See We Are Voulhire: A New Arrival Under Great Skies detailed review at Online Book Club. The e-book was provided by OBC in exchange for an honest review.

We Are Voulhire is a fantasy novel written by Matthew Tysz. A New Arrival under Great Skies was the first installment of the series. It will take the readers to a world of magic, adventure, and a battle between the good and the evil.

The story is easy to understand as no complex words or narrations were used. It is more of familiarizing the essential characters and describing the history of Voulhire. But, that resulted to slow plot development. The author also used a mix of first-person and third-person point of view. If you wanted a break from a complex topic, this book is for you. I don’t recommend this to readers below 18 due to a few obscene words. I didn’t notice any grammatical and spelling errors which mean it was well edited.

I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars. Not 3 because of the lack of climactic moments. It’s flat in the sense of the emotions it gave to me. But, the story also left me with interesting questions which will be my driving force in reading the next book. That will be my reason for not giving it a 1. I’m currently reading the Book 2 of We Are Voulhire with the subtitle Fires of Virko and I’m excited to finished it.

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