The Fires of Virko | BOOK REVIEW

Galen traveled to Virko together with Rowan and Demetrius to ask for some supply of iron. They were referred to Lord Venden Hrelek β€” the man behind the city’s industrial success. The old man who is currently in a very poor condition granted their request, though, they must return the favor to him.

Before the industrial factories were built, the only known structure in Virko was the Rendenhide manor. Venden bought it and settled there with his family. However, he wasn’t told about the dark secrets hidden under the house. Galen and his friends must uncover and get rid of it. The three men never thought that their seemingly ordinary voyage was the beginning of a perilous journey.

At the same time, the town of Hillport is now in the hands of the dreaded mage, Lord Dalahei Meldorath. Future events will bring disorder as darkness devours the peace in Voulhire.

See We Are Voulhire: Fires of Virko detailed review at Online Book Club. The e-book was provided by OBC in exchange for an honest review.

The Fires of Virko is the second installment of the We Are Voulhire Series. It is a fantasy novel written by Matthew Tysz. The story, in a way, symbolizes real-world events such as war, people turning away from religion, rebel factions, selfish desire for power, and the rise of evil.

I’m happy that the elements of horror and mystery are present in this book. I genuinely felt the thrill and suspense, particularly upon meeting the demon of Virko. Furthermore, this trio has an appealing combination β€” Galen, Rowan, and Demetrius. Their banters and adventures have a way of lightening up the mood like when Rowan and Demi clash (a moment which I always find amusing)

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. Matthew Tysz is such a creative author and there are really great improvements in the plot and characters as compared to the first book. That would be my reason for not giving a rating lower than 4. Some details are still a puzzle to me, but, it does not matter as I’m enjoying the ride.

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