Someone Else’s End | BOOK REVIEW

Fate will bring everyone to the heart of Voulhire. Whether they like it or not, an unimaginable change will come in the kingdom.

After successfully banishing Eiodi Gadesh, Lord Meldorath named himself after Eiodi Indarmo who brought the church into a communion with magic. His next plan is to steal Javikun’s notes β€” which could contain information about the way to Caromentis β€” at the royal archives.

Since then the Diadem remained close for visitors. Demetrius was never given an opportunity to inform the Eiodi about the dire situation in Virko. However, through Rowan’s help, they will try to speak to their last resort β€” King Wilhelm Arcolo. Galen, Rowan, and Demi didn’t waste time as they immediately left Magnum Caelum to go to the capital.

Soulhire, at present, is in the middle of a debate concerning the refugees of the Lands of the Princes. Everyone knew that meddling in the matters having to do with the Emperor of the Lullabies could pose a threat to Voulhire’s safety. Before the king could come up with a decision, a terrible thing is going to happen without a warning.

View We Are Voulhire: Someone Else’s End detailed review at Online Book Club. The e-book was provided by OBC in exchange for an honest review.

Someone Else’s End is the third book of We Are Voulhire series. With the title, it’s kind of predictable whose life will end, but Matthew Tysz still managed to make surprising twists and present unforeseen conspiracies. The infamous Emperor of the Lullabies has also been brought to light to the people of Voulhire. Furthermore, I felt more connected to the protagonists. The missing details of their lives were disclosed in the book.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The story is enjoyable and is fast-paced. I also didn’t notice any spelling and grammar errors which means the book was professionally edited. This installment is my favorite in the series so far. If you have finished reading the Fires of Virko, I encourage you to continue reading. Lots of exciting events await you.

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