Worldlines | BOOK REVIEW

Gary Jackson almost had an accident five years ago. The incident was witnessed by his best mates, Henry and William. On their way to the English Literature exam, they saw an approaching truck. Gary, being impatient, called for them to cross the street and just run fast to make it to the other side. Unexpectedly, his pen fell from his pocket. He bent down and picked it up. From nowhere, Henry yelled to get Gary’s attention. When finally he became conscious of his surroundings, he moved quickly to avoid the truck that was seconds away from hitting him.

At present, Gary is retelling this story in their physics class with Professor Buzzard. The professor raised confusing questions to his students: ‘What if the outcome five years ago was different? What if an alternate reality exists where Gary wasn’t able to avoid the truck and died? Or, he survived, but became paralyzed?’

The idea is unfathomable and impossible until Gary experienced it on his own. A horrifying event occurred which opened a connection to the three existing versions of Gary Jackson in different Worldlines.

The e-book was provided by Online Book Club in exchange for an honest review.

Worldlines is a science fiction novel written by Adam Guest. This book will leave the reader’s thinking: ‘What if a parallel universe does exist?’ It is crazy to think that there are many versions of us out there who are probably more successful or rich or worse, contracted an incurable disease. There’s an infinite possibility depending on what actions and decisions our alternate-reality version took.

I only have positive comments on this book. The terms and concepts are explained in a way understandable to everyone. Every discussion about quantum mechanics and lucid dreaming hooked me and opened my mind to some exciting scientific possibilities. Though, I find it scary to think that a parallel world can affect the other.

The story is composed of diverse characters that are individually relatable. It’s also a good thing that there’s a proper mark to tell which Worldline is ongoing to avoid confusion every time there’s a switch of scenarios and personalities. Good plot development and well-formed characters are present as well.

I’m sure some who had watched Inception movie will say it is similar. Both stories tackled lucid dreaming, but in Inception, the dreaming happened in the same world — infiltrating another person’s subconscious within a shared dream. Whilst, Adam Guest’s story happened in several Worldlines using a similar dreaming technique to communicate and influence the other world.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I felt like I’m watching a movie. Worldlines is a thought-provoking, gripping, and page-turner novel. I have not noticed any spelling or grammar errors which means that this book was well-edited. This is highly recommended to all the fans of science fiction.

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