Soul Seeker | BOOK REVIEW

Benjamin Poe works at Lochton Fire Station. He’s living with his wife Lexi and a son named Gabriel. The father-and-son relationship is not going quite well because of the boy’s uncontrollable behavior. One day, a fire broke at the College Inn where Gabe was working. It was fortunate that he wasn’t in the area when it happened. Even though Ben was grateful, he can’t hide his suspicions about his son’s involvement in the case. Gabe denied the accusation and Lexi back him up.

Crighton, a mysterious looking stranger, appeared at Lochton days after the incident. For unknown reasons, he started bothering the Poe Family. Ben has no idea what this man needed however his intuition tells him to protect his wife and son.

Crighton works for an ungodly master. Besides humans, he also targets heavenly creatures — angels. On his next assignment, he will meet a young angel named Ariel. This encounter will bring to light the unknown parts of Crighton’s life before he was swallowed up by his black heart.

View Soul Seeker Book Review detailed review at Online Book Club. The e-book was provided by OBC in exchange for an honest review.

Soul Seeker was written by Kaylin Mcfarren. What I like about this novel is that it has elements of action, romance, paranormal, and fantasy. The story was divided into two parts and it’s like reading two different stories in one book. The first part is mainly for Benjamin Poe and the other half is wholly for Crighton.

The author introduced her concept of the world of demons — how they live, their power, and the nature of the one master whom they work for. There was storytelling of heaven and hell on which some parts are going to be familiar as it was introduced in our religion. Though of course, being fiction, Mcfarren has modified some parts and has brought up interesting twists.

Crighton, the protagonist, was cunning and at the same time a good-looking and strong soul collector working for Lucifer. The story will revolve around him. After his mission w/ the Poes, he will meet Ariel (an angel) and that encounter will change his life forever. This actually gave me a Vampire-Lycan vibe romantic story. On the other hand, I have noticed some weak characterization in the book. You may see the detailed comments in this link: Soul Seeker Book Review

I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed the romantic side of the story. All in all, it was fast-paced, easy to read and the author has a good concept. I would recommend this book to paranormal romance readers but not to those younger than 18 years old because of the presence of erotic scenes.

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