The Flesh of the Mind | BOOK REVIEW

The invasion of the Emperor of the Lullabies remained strong. King Nartik has been witnessing disorder among his people and the children’s minds are being terrorized. He knows that their awful state will only put to stop if he surrenders. However, it is not part of his option. Like Soulhire, Cridaea continually resists. The clever Lady Angela Velys is determined to trick the Nightynights until she discovers their weakness and banish them.

Demetrius’ battle against his diabolic nemesis will continue at Diamora. Apart from Rowan, he will find unlikely support from Midius Maido and with his newfound friend, Julia Varro.

Meanwhile, Galen is taking his chance on saving Voulhire in the magical world of Caromentis. He must face Dalahei Meldorath and persuade him to protect their vulnerable kingdom from the hands of the infamous emperor. In the search for Meldorath, Galen will meet an old Voulhirian king — Javikun Modius.

View The Flesh of the Mind detailed review at Online Book Club and Quotes in twitter. The e-book was provided by OBC in exchange for am honest review.

The Flesh of the Mind is the 6th installment of the We Are Voulhire series. I would like to commend Matthew Tysz for writing such a great series. Voulhire is a creative concept and well thought of, especially the idea of Caromentis. It is a complex world where one can create their own world the way they want it to look.

The characterization has always been strong and well developed from the very beginning. Galen and Demetrius have shown their unique skills to defeat their enemy. Galen’s strength is empathy as according to Javikun. While Demi is the principled and loyal one. Well, Rowan is still playful, but if you have read the previous books, you can say that his relationship with Demi improved drastically.

The plot has been consistent. I’m amazed at how everything fits together by the end. The book has also a strong sense of place and gave the right emotions needed particularly in the character’s inner monologue. Tysz unfailingly supplied detailed and vivid descriptions that will let readers be absorbed by the moment.

Galen, Demetrius, and Angela are my favorite characters in this story because they have shown exceptional courage in defense of Voulhire. Angela has a warrior spirit. She knows her strength and has the ability to lead an army.

I recommend it to anyone over the age of eighteen who enjoys fantasy stories, magic, and friendship theme. This book also contains a homosexual theme. And again, I won’t endorse this to the younger ones because it contains explicit sensual scenes and sexual jokes.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. Readers will surely laugh at their humor and sarcasm. I’m happy that this is not yet the end because the 7th installment will be released soon.

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