Death on Beacon Hill | BOOK REVIEW

Maximillian Thurston found the lifeless body of the famous actress Virginia Kimball in her bedroom. Seconds after, he realized that the actress’s maid, Fiona Gannon, was also lying dead with a gunshot wound on her head. Skinner, the detective handling the case claimed that it was Fiona who shoots first as Kimball caught her stealing her pieces of jewelry. When Fiona thought she was already dead, Kimball took the chance to shoot her with the same gun leaving them both dead. However, Nell and William discovered a piece of evidence that will contradict Skinner’s claims. And it might point the murder to some of Boston’s wealthiest people.

Death on Beacon Hill is the third book of Nell Sweeney Mysteries. P.B. Ryan took me again in the old Boston (1869) by describing the Brahmins lifestyle β€” house structure, interior design, dresses, and families. The murder case is caused by the common flaws of the elites like the Boston Brahmins β€” adultery and bribery. These are the usual sins of the high society because, with money, they can get willing mistresses and with money, this dirty secret will remain hidden. But not when a murder takes place,  their illicit affairs will be made known.

This is the second time Nell and Will partnered in solving a crime. They are better together with their combined thoughts and opinions. I’m really rooting for these two, and although the relationship is slow in development, I don’t mind as I enjoy what they have. It is pure love β€” no kiss and infrequent touching. It’s a kind of ‘unspoken understanding‘ because they know each other’s significance only by the look in their eyes. I like the plot twist. And the author served again another great piece of murder mystery. In this book, Gracie will continue to be an amusement, and also, there’ll be newfound friendship with the emerging characters.

This is highly recommended to lovers of murder mystery combined with historical setting and romance. Again not suitable for younger readers due to some adult elements. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I’m honestly getting addicted to Nell Sweeney Mystery.

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