Claire’s Apocalypse | MINI REVIEW

For nine years, Dr. Claire Lyle has been developing a pathogen that can potentially kill a whole nation. However, her new superior, General Murry, wanted it destroyed. All of her hard work and sacrifices will go to waste. Though, it won’t end there. Another high-ranking general gave her an option — destroy it or sell it and lie about its destruction. It’s as if the future of humanity is now at Claire’s hand.

The ebook was given by Black Thorn Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Claire’s Apocalypse is a short zombie-horror/science-fiction novel written by K.T. Rose. The story is not far from reality. We’ve already heard about scientists and leaders who conspired to create a deadly virus for their evil plans — as a weapon to bring down their enemies or to control the world.

For such a short story, the author got me hooked. But, whatever happens after the book’s conclusion is now in my own imagination. I honestly wish that there’s a backstory and continuation in the future because I’m so curious about everything — Claire’s family, Hopper’s past, is there a cure, etc.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It’s scary. It’s tragic. And well-told.

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