The Senator’s Suitcase | BOOK REVIEW

Troy Davenport’s mother, the great Senator Beth Davenport, died from a helicopter crash while visiting a military base in the Middle East. As the only Davenport left in the family, all the properties and assets will be transferred to him. Growing up, Troy hadn’t fully understood his mother. On his return to their home in Indianapolis, he tried searching for photos or letters that could help him know more about Beth. But, what he discovered was a key that would lead him to the Senator’s secret place and a suitcase containing a questionable amount of money. The intrigues will not stop there as Troy will learn about an inheritance his grandfather, Senior, left for him. Hundreds of millions he knew were gone after his death. With no other living relatives, Troy will unravel the important family details that were kept hidden from him since childhood.


The Senator’s Suitcase is a novel written by Mitch Engel. It is mainly about family secrets and an unusual kind of love that existed between Beth, Junior, and Cal. The story is complex and remarkable. Add to it the well-developed characters that Mitch Engel has created. Each of the character’s emotional arcs is in perfect fit with the plot’s momentum. The first part contains Troy’s point of view about the Davenports, especially, Beth. At the age of thirty-five, there’s so much he didn’t know. He never knew his mother’s side of the family and the existing disagreement between his parents and Senior.

Troy’s narrative was at a slow pace. Most questions will remain unanswered until you read the second part. What I like in the second part is that I felt like I read a whole new story. It contains detailed history about a woman from her teens until her final days. Beth is a strong female protagonist. She is heroic in some sense and inspiring, but there were times when I shook my head in disbelief at her life choices. But, as to how they described Beth, there was a void inside her that you will not truly understand. For me, despite everything, she fought the fight better than any other person. She lived maybe the oddest kind of life only to protect the few people that truly mattered to her. Her love for literature is also something readers can relate to.

I usually read romance books about a man and woman in an intimate relationship. Just like Troy who unexpectedly found Melanie Reynolds during the craziest time of his life and eventually fell in love with her. Apart from that, the readers will be exposed to a world where love has no gender boundaries and the world’s expectations were completely disregarded. A world led by Beth, Junior, and Cal. They love each other. But, due to the complexities in their relationship, each of them has to sacrifice something to protect what they have. Readers will surely sympathize, celebrate and cry with them.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. This story is very new to me and I’m glad I had an opportunity to read it. It is perfectly written and unique. I noticed a few minor errors, but leaving them behind, this book was well-edited. Also, there’s nothing I dislike about it.

I do not recommend this book for young readers due to some adult elements. Also, do not read this if you are sensitive to talks of sexual abuse. Homosexuality is also a big part of the story. For adventurous readers, who are open to these kinds of topics, this book will be a delight.

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