The Meeting | Musing #2

Iโ€™ve taken a million steps since I learned how to walk. But, it took me so long to realize that these steps will bring me to that prearranged place where I am about to meet you. Maybe if I could sense your whereabouts, then I would have run as fast as I could. But rushing may hurt me. I may find out that you are not yet there.

Itโ€™s scary to think that I might get tired of waiting and choose to leave. Then you might arrive soon and wait alone for no one. Donโ€™t mind if you lose your way because I am too. Take time and be wise about which road to take. When you are in the midst of the long obscure tunnel, afraid and lost, please continue to walk.

I will be there as this world conspires. Please meet me there.

Written by C.M. (2018) | Photo by Vasily Koloda (Unsplash)

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