3 Easy-To-Grow Plants

"I wrote this blog post to share my firsthand experience in planting. I am not a plant enthusiast, but, I am telling you, you don't have to have a green thumb to start. All you need is find an easy-to-grow plant and promise to take care of them. " — Written by Luna

True Horror Stories

"My brother stares at it and the figure unexpectedly moved. That very moment he realized that he was looking at a white lady." — Written by Luna

Taking Care of My Mental Health

"I find joy in reading, writing, listening to music, watching, cleaning my room and exercising alone that other's don't. These activities may look simple, however, I learned how they could help maintain a person's good mental well-being." — Written by Luna

Reset, Reformat & Restore

"Falling in love does not always end well.The time will come where we need to let go of the feeling. It’s a painful process. Like a computer, sometimes we need to undergo reformatting, reset or restoration." — Written by Rubble

We’re Suppose To

"Growth takes time. It needs experience. It takes courage. But before we do, we have to embrace first the butterfly in us." — Written by Rubble

Are You a Hopeless Case?

"There’s a study that the latecomers are more creative and optimistic. Yes, creativity and being positive are good but being always late will never be. Isn’t it nice to be creative and punctual at the same time? Being punctual gives us more opportunity and more time to manage our talents." — Written by Rubble

Start Over Again, Then Again

"But having much time is not the solution to what I wanted to have. It’s sad to realize that the root of the problem here is not the lack of time but the lack of enthusiasm and so much procrastination." — Written by Lotlot

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